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Listen Up: Facebook iPad Application Can Be Downloaded Again

Disappointed that to date there hasn’t been a native Facebook for iPad application, then happy when a downloadable one was found and now again disappointed because Facebook found out and stopped the downloading? Well perk up grumpy, yet another workaround has been found thanks to a well-known hacker. The good

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Apple Now Repairing Broken iPhone Screens, Replacing Water Damaged Phones For $199

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has informed us that, as of April 13th, Geniuses are now able to repair broken iPhone screens for $199. While the fee is the same as buying a new 8GB iPhone 3G, it will benefit owners of the 16GB iPhone 3G. Additionally, customers with faulty touch screens not resulting from physical damage will receive a screen replacement at no cost. ifoAppleStore is also reporting that Apple is now replacing water-damaged iPhones for $199. The policy applies to incidents not covered by the iPhone warranty. The thinking here is that the customer will not be required to purchase a new iPhone and renew their AT&T contract. It is possible that the new policy is intended to be a move to clear additional iPhone 3G stock for an iPhone refresh later this year.


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