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The iCade Family Grows Yet Again

At this year's CES 2012, we saw an expansion for the iCade with the introduction of three new spinoffs adding to the lineup. It came completely out of the blue, but today ThinkGeek, the marketers/creators of the initial iCade arcade cabinet, announced yet another member that will soon be a part of the family. Officially say hello to the iCade 8-bitty.


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Mini Reviews: Four Accessories from ThinkGeek

Sometime last week, I received a few products from the geeky, and so similar to me, guys over at ThinkGeek. Since the four things I got aren’t really worthy of a full review

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Review: ThinkGeek’s Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone

Some people just hate the iPhone’s touchscreen, period. Now, why they would even buy one, I don’t know but according to our poll from a few weeks ago, a small minority of our readers prefer an external keyboard over the virtual one currently on the iDevice. These same number of

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ThinkGeek’s Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard – A Fantasy for Many?

Now, why someone normal (I’m not normal, evidently) would actually purchase one of these is completely past me, but they are pretty darn cool. ThinkGeek’s Cube Laser Keyboard, made especially for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, retails for $170 and is a gizmo for people who like virtual keyboards,

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iPhone Apps Help Snipers Calculate Bullet Trajectories [Update: Info On iPod Touch Rifle Mount]

We knew when we first saw the iPhone that it would be handy for a number of different uses, but who would have thought that shooting at things would be one of them? Two apps have found their way into the App Store for calculating the trajectory of a bullet's flight path to ensure that you hit your target.


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