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NYPD Forms Dedicated Apple Team to Recoup Stolen iDevices

Turns out the theft rate of Apple iDevices is so high in New York that the NYPD has formed a dedicated Apple team assigned to work with the tech giant to get those stolen iGadgets back, the New York Post reports.

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Man Goes to Great Lengths to Recoup His iPhone

If you’re looking for a heart-warming story to start your Sunday morning off right, look no further.  This is a tale of theft, deception, OKCupid and triumph. This story shows that there is hope for us all, from the most of us to the least of us. Nadav Nirenberg (left),

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EFF Releases iPhone Developer Agreement, Devs Can’t Jailbreak, Other Funny Business Highlighted

It took a Freedom of Information Act request to get it, but the Electronic Frontier Foundation posted the entire iPhone Developer Program License Agreement on its blog. Normally the EFF wouldn't be allowed the publish the info, but the fact that NASA created an app made it fair game. NASA responded with the Rev. 3-17-09 version of the agreement, which has reportedly been revised to a certain extent.

The EFF has noted that the version of the agreement they were able to obtain is more restrictive than before and parts of it may not be enfodceable and has listed its concerns below:


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