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A Chance to Win The Octagon Theory for iPhone and iPad

iPhone Alley has teamed up with M&D Entertainment Limited to offer you the chance of winning one of two promo codes for their clever, strategic game dubbed The Octagon Theory ($1.99), one application compatible with both iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal).


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iPhone Alley’s 10-6 Best Reviewed Games of 2011

We’re joining in on the masses of other similar lists that have been released on iOS-centric blogs with our take of the best iOS games of the year. Although the list shows a concrete list of games, we didn’t get a chance to review every single awesome application of the

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Apple Readies iOS 5.0.1 for Public Release

Pretty much since the day of the launch of the iPhone 4S this past October 14th, users reported that they were having problems with the battery life of the device. Rather than posing as an improvement to last year’s iteration of the iPhone, the 4S could barely make it through

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TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon App Review

In this 3D dual-stick shooter, based on the hit movie series, Transformers, you’ll take control of Optimus Prime or Bumblebee to defend against Decepticons. The story takes you across 13 levels, each with new enemies, weapons to unlock and more. If you’re not familiar with what a dual-stick shooter quite

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UPDATE: Released – TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon, Native iPhone Game Rolling Out

Kudos to EA Mobile, one of the most popular movie franchises is on its way to the iPhone. Fans of the TRANSFORMERS movie series will be psyched to hear that a native iPhone and iPad version will soon be rolling out (pun very much intended!) on the App Store. UPDATE:

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Minecraft Fans Rest Assured – Official Port Coming to iOS (most likely)

I’ve never played, but in the past few years, particularly more recently, I’ve been hearing a ton of praise for the computer version of Minecraft. The gameplay is based mainly around construction, with more variation as well, as players will be able to roam vast cubicle worlds and be able

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High-Fliers of the App Store

Save for the fact that these birds don’t fly, they truly are the high-fliers of the app store, having accomplished more than any other application or developer could ever dream of. At the top of the charts, four flightless birds reign over the app store. It seems birds, well the

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Max and the Magic Marker App Review

The platforming genre on the app store has seen a major increase over the past few months with the arrival of many new, decent platformers. Newest to the table, Max and the Magic Marker [$1.99], from publishers, EA and developers, Press Play, is a unique combination of puzzle and platforming

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“Angry Birds: The Movie” Trailer Released

I’ve been hearing about popular games being turned into movies, particularly with the number one series on the app store, Angry Birds. Recently, a comical trailer was released by YouTube user, Rooster Teeth, which showcases some storyline added to the game’s goal of killing pigs. Check it out below! I’m

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FMX Riders App Review – It’s Got Potential, But It Just Doesn’t Execute It

Since I saw this title emerge about a month or so ago, I’d been eagerly waiting for it to arrive into the app store. With anticipation, I tried the game with hopes that it would live up to all of the hype, but was faced with an attractive racer yet

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