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Why an iPod touch with 3G Makes Perfect and Imperfect Business Sense

To date, the iPod touch has been attributed to the description of “an iPhone without the phone or data capabilities” in its simplest. That is still accurate, but a recent rumor about how the next iPod touch may include options for 3G data service shakes up the differences between it

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How-To: Save $130 and Fees on a 3G iPad 2 If You Own an iPhone

Did you know that there is a fairly clever workaround for 3G iPad fee woes if you already own an iPhone? Actually there are two, one for those without a risk-taking trait and one for those who are a little more ambitious. Either way, getting rid of iPad 3G costs

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Apple Posts Fix For BSOD With iTunes 8 On Vista

Apple has released an official fix for the blue screen of death issue that Windows Vista users have been having when plugging an iPhone or iPod into iTunes 8. Support article TS2280 titled "iTunes 8: If Windows Vista displays a blue screen error message when connecting iPhone or iPod"


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