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Nationwide 3G Speed Tests Reveal AT&T’s Network to Be the Fastest

It seems that AT&T has strived to have the fastest data rates since the iPhone became available on their network. Ever since AT&T’s EDGE data rates were tested to be a few times faster than the competition in 2007, it appears they have kept up the trend of having the

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Help Document iPhone 3G Network Speeds Around The World

Apple's iPhone 3G ads tout the new iPhone 3G as being fast, but just how fast is it? The ads make it seem a little utopian, showing it loading webpages almost instantaneously. However, while almost everyone agrees 3G is an improvement, it's not nearly that fast in real life. Secondly, speeds differ for everyone. So, the only real way to find out how fast the iPhone 3G is is to ask people who use it in your area, and that's exactly what Wired is doing.


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