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iCloud, Apple’s Seamless Syncing/Backup Service

After Apple unveiled the newest versions of Mac OS X and iOS, the WWDC 2011 keynote was ended with the veil of secrecy being pulled off of the heavily-rumored iCloud cloud service that manages a limited amount of backup options and syncs data between your Apple devices. It goes deeper

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Fix for ‘No Content’ Bug

While syncing my iPod just now I noticed, when navigating to the music app, that there was apparently “No Content”. However, on my computer, it said that I had my some 400 songs. Weird, huh? After syncing and syncing, it was contantly displaying the message, so I decided to experiment

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Sinjimoru Sync Stand Review – An Overall Better Way to Sync

Luxuries are of course..luxuries. I mean they’re just things that you take for granted that make things better and more enjoyable. Syncing an iPod Touch, iPhone, or any other iPod is easy. You just take the wire and plug it in -there’s no driver installation or anything else too complicated.

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Sugru Review – A Better Fix For Well…Everything!

I’m sure many of you have encountered problems with Apple’s standard supplied gear. I’m also sure many of you look for creative ways to make your iPod or iPhone look like you with a tint of your personality attached to the back. Well, the search has stopped with Sugru! Sugru

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Morgan Stanley Predicts iPhone 3G to Sell Well as Pay-As-You-Go Handset

Financial firm Morgan Stanley has announced that it believes the iPhone 3G could double its sales when the handset is released to the market later this year. "We believe the market generally expects a doubling of iPhone units with the lower price point ($199) and we believe this is realistic, if not conservative," Morgan Stanley said, predicting 27 million iPhone sales for 2009.


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