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Faster App Switching, Bigger Screen Next-Generation iPhone Mockup

As more and more rumors flood in, what tends to be the case in past years, due to the rumored dates of new product announcements comes ever so close, there are always some interesting mockups that make their way onto the web. Hypothetically, this next one that we're presenting to you could happen, but it probably will not. The video is intriguing, regardless.


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Scroll bars are your friends

I'm sure you've noticed that iPhone doesn't actually have functional scroll bars. Why would it? All the scrolling is done by flicking your finger. But did you know that when you scroll around in Safari, (and most other scrollable apps) little translucent black scroll bars show up to indicate your scroll direction and relative position in the document? I know what you're thinking, "thanks captain obvious, tell us something we don't know". Alright, the real tip isn't that scroll bars simply exist, but that they can tell you instantly how long a document is and where you are within it. Read on to see what I mean.


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