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Firemint Announces New Game, Agent Squeek

Mere moments ago, I received a press email from Firemint (Flight Control/$0.99, Real Racing/$4.99 and Real Racing 2/$6.99) which parted with very few details of their newest game coming to iOS, Agent Squeek. Though few details were given out apart from the actual name, some cute artwork shown on the

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Time Geek Due to Release Soon

I’ve had my eyes on a recently announced game lately, and it is due to hit the US App Store very, very soon. The game, called Time Geeks revolves around the same premise as Where’s Waldo having you find different items placed in various spots in a whole assortment of

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Speck Candyshell Review for iPod Touch 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen – Hard Outside, Cushiony Inside

Ever since I started receiving cases for review, Speck’s have been among my favorites. In other words, the Speck Pixelskin was one of my favorite cases among others like the Otterbox Defender. Now, I have a slick black Speck Candyshell on my iPod, and it is without doubt one of

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JVC NX-PN7 Dock Gives You A Use For That Old iPod

JVC has just announced the availability of the NX-PN7, one of the coolest docking stations we've seen yet. It is both Made for iPod and Works with iPhone and can comfortably charge any two iDevices at once, making it perfect for those of you looking for somewhere to put that old iPod. On top of that, it combines a stereo, docking station, and AM/FM radio, and an alarm clock all in one. It even has two glowy strips underneath each iPod / phone that can be programmed to glow any of nine colors, and has a remote control with an iPod-esque clickwheel on it.


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