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Apple Store Robbery Footage Proves the Ignorance of Thieves

iPhone Alley will be taking a break from its usual coverage of iPhone-related events, and instead will be offering a piece of advice to any thieves or thieves-in-training. If you're planning to perform a ram-raid, it's advised your plans don't in anyway involve the use of a luxury automobile. If you do happen to use one, however, it's highly recommended that you either remove your license plate or steal a car prior to the actual robbery to prevent having the police show up on your front lawn.


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For Those Who Are Interested, The Story of My Sleepless Night

Thinking that the iPhone 4S would sell out within a matter of mere minutes, I got everything that could be setup, setup and ready with my Apple account. I woke up at 2:50 AM (EST) this morning and made refresh on Apple’s Store page my best friend. At the promised

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Chop Chop Caveman App Review – Me Hungry! Me Want Food!

Since the announcement by Gamerizon that they had started working on yet another game, I’ve been following the development taking not of all of the little changes and such that they made to the game. After waiting for about a month or two, the game that I had mostly been

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Game Dev Story App Review – Flash Through 20 Years of Game Development

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the head of a game development company? I’m sure many of you have enjoyed games to their core, but have you ever wondered what it takes to make those game? How much time is put in, the amount of money invested and a

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TeliaSonera iPhone 3G Calling Plan Prices for Swedish Market Announced

In other news, Scandinavian carrier TeliaSonera has announced the complete list of Swedish prices for the iPhone 3G. The subscriptions, which will be divided into iMini, iMidi and iMaxi plans, in 100/100/100, 250/250/250 and 1,000/1,000/1,000 combinations of voice, SMS and data; new is that these will cost 299, 489 and 859 SEK a month, respectively.


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