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Steve Jobs’ Ad Man Ken Segall Rips Apple Advertising

Noted advertising executive and former Apple ad employee Ken Segall doesn’t normally go out of his way to rip his former company in their current marketing efforts, but when he does, it’s probably best that you take his word. 

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Is Jony Ive Responsible for Apple’s “Low Performance”?

Apple rumors are always juicy, but this latest one takes the cake. Apple is falling apart because Jony Ive and its design team have too much power, designing ultra-sleek products that are difficult to manufacture. This, according to a respected analyst.

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Court Filing Says Steve Jobs Enforced No-Hire Policy with Palm with the Threat of a Patent Lawsuit

According to a court filing made public on Tuesday, Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm, citing patent infringement claims, if the the company didn’t agree to refrain from approaching Apple employees for potential jobs.

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Should the Apple Board Replace Tim Cook with Jony Ive? [Opinion]

After eighteen months of running Apple following Steve Jobs’ untimely death, dark clouds have gathered above Tim Cook’s head: Apple is expected to report its first profit drop in a long time. This begs the question: Is Tim Cook a perfect fit for the CEO position, or should the Apple board

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Steve Jobs Burglar Gets Seven-Year Sentence

The burglar who broke into Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto, California home last year in August and stole $60,000 worth of goods received a sentence of seven years behind bars by a Santa Clara Superior Court judge late last week.

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Behind the Scenes of Steve Jobs Acquiring Lala

Aubrey Johnson, a former employee at Color, a company which offers users the ability to share photos and live video on Facebook, according to its Twitter page, has an interesting story about the classy style with which Steve Jobs, then Apple’s CEO, acquires a company. The story goes back to

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Apple Rewarded for Innovation with Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards

Apple was awarded an Emmy Engineering Award yesterday evening at CES in the category, “Eco-system for Real Time Presentation of TV Content to Mobile Devices without the use of Specialized Television Hardware.” While there isn’t much specific information about what this award means, it surely sounds impressive, and I would

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iPhone Puts Six Candles on its Birthday Cake

On this date in 1768, the first modern circus was staged. In 1788, Connecticut joined the United States. In 1894, the first battery-operated telephone switchboard came online. But on this day in 2007, an event of such historical magnitude that all those other events pale in comparison occurred. “Every once in

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Apple Finally Patents the iPhone Design

Many iPhone fans remember the day that Jobs unveiled the iPhone at the Macworld Conference & Expo in 2007. It was at that event that he made the first public phone call on the iPhone, and that call went to Ive. Since then, the iPhone has become a pop culture

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Steve Jobs Disliked Siri’s Name

Apple have sold millions of units of their most recent iteration to the ever expanding lineup of iPhones. Along with the 4S came a new feature dubbed Siri. The virtual assistant received some praise and some disappointment - regardless, it's popular, and if Steve Jobs had sparked a bit more creativity, the name would have never been adopted by Apple.


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