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Happy 5th Birthday, iPhone!

June 29 marks the day Apple fans waited for in anticipation, lining up in vicious droves five years ago to be an early adopter of Apple’s next big revolutionary product – the hot must-have of the moment in 2007. It can be considered a cataclysm of sorts for Apple’s competition in the phone industry and a status symbol for consumers. Who could resist the aluminum-clad phone oozing with style that included the coolest multi-touch interface ever to come to fruition? Bearing a legend status, the original iPhone was one of the world’s most influential devices ever.


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iPad App Selection Passes the 100,000 Mark

The App Store hits another major milestone as there are now over 100,000 fully iPad-optimized apps available for your tapping, swiping, and multi-touching pleasure. It took just around a year and three months, which is an extremely impressive timeframe for any platform to grow so substantially. Yes ladies and gentlemen,

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