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Cygnett ‘Lavish’ Case Review for the New iPad

Over the course of the next few weeks, we here at iPhone Alley will be reviewing a series of highly polished, quality cases from top manufacturers for use with the shiny, new iPad. The second in this upcoming lineup of reviews is for Cygnett's Lavish case. Priced at the affordable price of $59.99, the case has a lot to offer your new device: a chic leather surface, a folio design with multiple viewing positions, and protection.


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Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Case and Stand Review for iPhone 4/4S

One of Apple's best aspects that they've poured their full love into is the signature iOS device screen. Other than the svelte qualities of the iPhone, with its sleek aesthetic, the capacitive touchscreen is one major forte that iOS can boast over many other competitive phones. Regardless, some people just miss external, physical buttons, and they love Apple at the same time - so for those unique people, clever designers have manufactured the Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard and Stand Case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.


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PopSockets iPhone Case Debuts on Kickstarter

We report to you today with yet another new endeavor for the iOS market, and rather then from CES 2012, which is currently what a lot of the news has to do with, this comes from Kickstarter. The community funding site has seen some pretty quirky projects, but the PopSockets takes the cake for the most since the time I've been surfing the website, although that's probably not intended, but is contributed to with the wacky, lighthearted nature of the product video, and the case seems to be a fully functional, useful product for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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Straight from Kickstarter: Say Hi to the MobileMount

I think that this product is truly great, and evidently so do atleast 1,220 other people who have backed the MobileMount on Kickstarter. Soon to be available, this spinoff of typical iPhone stands is more than unique.

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Mini Reviews: Four Accessories from ThinkGeek

Sometime last week, I received a few products from the geeky, and so similar to me, guys over at ThinkGeek. Since the four things I got aren’t really worthy of a full review

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PADACS Snap Rubber Stand Review

From PADACS comes the Snap Rubber Stand, a petite, genius piece of rubber that makes hands-free activities with your iPhone or iPod Touch easier. The idea behind the snap rubber stand is straightforward: it’s a useful accessory used for watching moves and more, hands-free. With an undoubtedly clever design, the

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USBfever’s Eggshell Case Review for iPod Touch 4 – A cheap solution for protection with lots of quality but not so much looks

As I’ve mentioned, the new iPod has been a purchase I’ve made this year taking place of my older 2G device. Since the new iPod has a whole new different design, I couldn’t use my old cases. With the few that are currently available for purchase, the Eggshell from USBfever

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Sinjimoru Sync Stand Review – An Overall Better Way to Sync

Luxuries are of course..luxuries. I mean they’re just things that you take for granted that make things better and more enjoyable. Syncing an iPod Touch, iPhone, or any other iPod is easy. You just take the wire and plug it in -there’s no driver installation or anything else too complicated.

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iANGLE Review – A Clever Slab of Rubber Designed to Serve Multiple Purposes

Whenever someone goes on a trip, they look for portability in something that they need to take along. I’m sure most of you, me alike, hate lugging around too many things when you’d rather travel light and easy. With the iAngle, you can have two things, in one product further

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MoviePeg Review for iPhone and Sometimes iPod Touch – A Little Stand With A Simple Design, But Many Options!

Movies can be a pain to watch on the small screen of your iPhone or iPod, plus the fact that you either have to bend over, or keep a hand on the iPod steadying it for the full length of the movie. That’s where stands make there way into the

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