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Sprint iPhone Rumors Heating Up

The Sprint iPhone rumor is starting to gain some steam. On Friday, Bloomberg reiterated the Wall Street Journal’s claim that Sprint would be carrying the iPhone 5 in mid-October. Bloomberg added that Sprint would be retaining their unlimited data service plans for the iPhone 5 in hopes to compete with

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Best Buy Leaks Possible iPhone 5 Release Date

Two Best Buy leaks revealed that they are prepping for the iPhone 5 to arrive in October. An internal memo published by BGR states that iPhone 5 pre-sales are expected to start in the first week of the month, and that store managers should also prepare themselves for a Sprint

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Sprint Tells Employees to Keep Quiet About the iPhone

Sprint wants its employees to plead the fifth when it comes to the iPhone 5. An internal memo leaked to Sprint Feed, instructs Sprint employees to offer no comment when approached about the possibility they will be offering the iPhone in October. Last week, the Wall Street Journal announced that

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Is the iPhone 4 and 5 Coming to Sprint in October?

Adding the third-largest cellphone company with 52 million customers sounds like a great way for Apple to increase sales. A lot of people are locked into contracts, family plans or corporate agreements with Sprint, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want an iPhone. People who can’t afford an iPhone or

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Plan and Device Prices to Significantly Drop with iPhone 5?

Since rumors are really heating up regarding the potential for the next iPhone to make its way onto Sprint, it seems fitting to further discuss the effects consumers would see as a result of every major carrier selling Apple’s highly sought-after popular device. When it comes to pricing, everything could

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An iPhone on Sprint Make Perfect Sense for Apple

Stories are recurring yet again that Sprint will indeed be selling the next iPhone alongside Verizon and AT&T when it launches in the fall. Sprint’s stock rating recently raised from “sell” (as in, “get rid of Sprint stock now, writing is on the wall”) to “neutral,” fueling speculation that this

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iPhone 3GS Discontinued? iPhone 5 Slated For October? Recapping the Rumor Mill

It’s officially August, which means we could be closer to an Apple announcement, or in for a long ride of more rumors. Here’s a quick recap of the rumor mill’s best so far: According to various reports, the iPhone 5 will be released as early as August or as late

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T-Mobile Added to Sprint iPhone Rumors

There seems to be one common thread running through all the Apple analyst reports coming out this year; if Apple wants to compete with the growth of the Android Market, it’s going to need to expand its accessibility. Some analyst believe that Apple will release the iPhone 5, iPad HD

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Why the End of Unlimited Mobile Data Is Even Worse Than It Sounds

Well, the mobile industry is ready to take a step backwards in pricing, practically together in one step. Unnecessarily getting around to adapting to how smartphones actually give us use for the “unlimited data” we pay for, this week Verizon followed AT&T as the second major carrier to announce the┬áremoval

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Next iPhone May Be “iPhone 4S,” Support All Major Carriers

Well, maybe it is time to stop assuming that iPhone 4′s successor will be called iPhone 5. After all, Apple has never stuck with simply incremental numbers. According to Forbes, it “should be” called iPhone 4S. When the iPhone 3GS came around, the “S” stood for speed, so that is

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