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Facebook Satisfies Users’ Need for Speed

iPhone users’ Facebook experience has been made even faster following the most recent update of its app, Version 5.53. The timeline is now native, and noticeably faster, as is the news feed. Uploading photos has become faster as well, making for a far more pleasant user experience. Today’s speed upgrades

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Weekly App Store Gems – Grub for Gamers

Every single day thousands of applications flood the the open doors of Apple's App Store. Some are genuinely good while others are trash that someone has created simply to squeeze a few bucks out of, which causes many of the deserving applications to slip under the view of a casual App Store user. Therefore, in order to shed light on these underrated applications, iPhone Alley has begun to highlight any hidden gems hiding within the arsenal of applications the App Store currently hosts.


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iPhone 5 Almost 3x More Powerful Than New iPod touch – iPA B

This should come as no surprise that those that have carefully peered through the fifth-generation iPod touch's specification sheet, although it still does decidedly come as an over-the-shoulder shock and a reminder of just how different Apple's iOS devices are for buyers that are looking for a full iPhone 5 replacement. Benchmarks for the newest iPod touch reveal just how much it contrasts with the iPhone 5, retaining a spot as its cheaper alternative.


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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit App Review – Driving Delight With EA’s Newest Addition to the Franchise!

On November 16th, this pass Tuesday, EA added another racer to their collection of Need For Speed games on the app store. The franchise had seen the release of Underground, and then Shift both with decent gameplay and graphics. Now, the newest version, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has paved

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