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Potential for Mind-Blowing New Controls on iPhone 5, First Pictures Hiding In Plain Sight

Do you ever get the feeling that the black bezel surrounding the impressive display of your iPhone is just useless space that may be better left off of the device? Well either way, Apple is looking into changing the bezel in a big way. Not by removing it, but by

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Apple Announces Buy-At-Home For iPhone 3G

Apple confirmed an anonymous rumor from yesterday by announcing a new buy-at-home option for the iPhone 3G. For the first time, users can now set up their purchase to buy an iPhone 3G by entering their billing information, reviewing their eligibility and pricing, and select their plan from AT&T, all online through Apple's website. Users can then set up a time to go in to an Apple Store to finish the transaction, pick up the device and have an employee set it up.


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