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iOS Saves SMS Attachments Even After You Delete Them; Potentially Harmful for Business SMS — And Personal Texting

After the evasi0n untethered jailbreak tool arrived and iOS 6 opened up, iPhone/iPad users with their devices jailbroken or not have faced a couple of interesting pieces of news including one that makes business SMS texting (not to mention personal…) risky. First, there was the addition of a Radio button,

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A Very Disappointing Rejection, Wi-Fi Sync Not Coming to the App Store

Video of an amazing app surfaced a few weeks ago: Wi-Fi Sync, which let's you sync your iPhone or iPod Touch without the hassle of plugging it in to your PC or Mac. Not only did we feel this app should be available in the App Store, but it should be part of the next iPhone OS. Apparently the app reviewers at Apple don't agree, because we just got word from the developer, Greg Hughes, today that Apple has rejected Wi-Fi Sync, citing security concerns among other reasons.


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