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Internet Ablaze Over a Video of an iPhone 4S Spontaneously Catching on Fire

With the complexity of the electronics we keep in our pockets, is it really safe to say we can trust that they won't burn our legs or start smoking to the point of a flaming fiasco? Video courtesy of a "security camera" demonstrates that some people may not be that lucky when it comes to gadget safety.


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Microsoft Releases Bing App for iPhone

Microsoft on Tuesday released its first official Bing app [free, App Store] for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch handsets. Until now, Bing has only been offered as an integrated search function in third-party apps. The new app is the first to offer a dedicated interface.

Bing for the iPhone includes map, movie and image search functions, as well as voice commands, which like Google Mobile launch a search based on a spoken sentence or address. Some navigation support is built into the app, giving users a choice between driving and walking directions.


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