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Potential for Mind-Blowing New Controls on iPhone 5, First Pictures Hiding In Plain Sight

Do you ever get the feeling that the black bezel surrounding the impressive display of your iPhone is just useless space that may be better left off of the device? Well either way, Apple is looking into changing the bezel in a big way. Not by removing it, but by

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App Store Sales: Band, Pianist, Guitarist, Trism

Several applications have gone on sale this week in the App Store. To celebrate the release of their new application "Guitarist", MooCowMusic will be selling all of their applications at a reduced price for "a limited time". This includes Band (at $1.99), Pianist ($1.99), and Guitarist ($2.99). Additionally, Trism is also on sale at $2.99 for a limited tim. Get 'em while you can!


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