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iPhone Mini Launch Coming Soon

Apple is taking its next step forward with its iPhone products, hoping to unveil a $330 iPhone mini as early as this summer, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty. The low-cost iPhone will presumably add additional revenue in its international market, specifically China, expecting to draw in a 20

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A Smaller, Cheaper iPhone Model Set for This Year?

The next-generation iPhone may be joined by a smaller, cheaper version of the increasingly popular device if a new report by Bloomberg is to be believed. It is very likely that Apple does indeed have a smaller iPhone almost ready for production, but do not be surprised if Apple does

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Apple Imposing NDA For Patenting Purposes?

The NDA looming over iPhone app development has been causing developers a lot of frustration. It's viewed by many to be largely unnecessary, and blocks open collaboration among developers, limiting the resources at their disposal. But there may be a reason for Apple to be doing all of this.


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