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Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard Case and Stand Review for iPhone 4/4S

One of Apple's best aspects that they've poured their full love into is the signature iOS device screen. Other than the svelte qualities of the iPhone, with its sleek aesthetic, the capacitive touchscreen is one major forte that iOS can boast over many other competitive phones. Regardless, some people just miss external, physical buttons, and they love Apple at the same time - so for those unique people, clever designers have manufactured the Sliding Bluetooth Keyboard and Stand Case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.


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Quell App Review – An Incredibly Polished, Extra Fun Puzzler

It’s still disheartening to see those really good applications on the app store that have horrible graphics. While the gameplay is enticing, the artwork sadly is not. Developers could go the extra step, as Fallen Tree Games did, and make their games highly polished. That is what buyers mainly look

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