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Could the iPhone 6 Feature a Slide-Out Keyboard? [Rumor]

The iPhone is famous for many things: fast operation, high functionality and an interface that is, quite frankly, to die for. What it’s also famous for is not having a slide-out keyboard. That could change, however, with the introduction of the iPhone 6.

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BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case Review

BoxWave makes a foray into a unique, niche segment of the iPhone case market with its Keyboard Buddy Case. Of course, that is the segment that features what some view as a necessity, a built-in physical keyboard. With a tiny, but growing number of choices, there is a lot of

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Ocarina is touted by Smule as the first true musical instrument created for the iPhone, and they're spot on. Ocarina is a simple application which transforms your iPhone into an ancient wind instrument that you can actually play.


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