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Measure of Display: Showdown Between Converter Applications Convertbot & Convertr

A measure of display, pun completely intended, is taking place between what we consider to be the top two converting applications on the App Store. A comparison of speed, UI and more will be tested between the two shedding light onto the superior application. Developer Tapbot's Convertbot and Vervv LLC's Convertr will be posed against one another. Note: somewhat exaggerated for the purpose of hype.


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iPhone Alley Showdown: Apple’s Siri vs. True Knowledge’s Evi

Though it's only been out for a few days, Evi has already risen to the top of the App Store charts but for some reason only has one and a half stars. Puzzling for an application that promises to function in ways that somewhat resemble Apple's creation currently in beta called Siri. Today we're going to take the two technologies through a variety of tests to see which is faster, more reliable, has a better interface and which of the two is ultimately the friendliest!


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