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Super Blast 2 App Review – A Fun Little Delicacy of the App Store

Super Blast 2 from Phantoom Entertainment is the long awaited sequel to their previous endeavor which is currently free. Just released today, Super Blast 2 is a casual yet also intense shmup that while being incredibly addictive, can also be a little repetitive. The game, alike the prequel, is a

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Mushihimesama Bug Panic App Review – It’s a Mouthful, But It’s Worth It!

Dual-stick shooters are found in abundance on the app store, and personally I think they fit the device’s capabilities well. iPhone developers CAVE have previously released two shmups for the iPhone and iPod Touch which never really appealed to my gaming fancy, though their newest title to brace the app

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IG Fun Porting BioShock To The iPhone

Sure, the Turbo Grafix-16 Emulator we told you about yesterday is fun and all, but I'm sure many of you, like myself, are wondering when we're going to see some real games on the iPhone. I myself don't know, but IG Fun wants to be the people to help make it happen. They have announced that they are trying to port none other than BioShock to mobile platforms, including Symbian and our personal favorite, the iPhone.


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