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Last Two Weeks of September Set for New iPhone Launch?

Let’s say you hypothetically happen to work for AT&T. Then you figure that September would be perfect to take a vacation since there will be quite a few post-summer discounts, so you attempt to schedule vacation days for the end of that month. To your dismay, the request is denied

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iPad 3 Details Indicate That It May Launch This Year

BizJournals may have a source with solid information on the iPad 3. However for whatever reason, hours afterward the article containing details about the next, highly-anticipated iPad was pulled from BizJournals. That leaves us to pulling apart a recap of BizJournals’ information from TekGoblin. According to the original report, the

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Apple Device Lineup/Revamp Imminent As the End of iPod Nears?

As iOS and Mac have become Apple’s most prominent staples, it is apparent that the traditional iPod is being phased-out by touchscreen devices. Though MP3 players of any sort seem to be synonymous with the word “iPod,” Apple may be taking a step away from iPod branding, as one of

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iTunes Music Gets Variable Pricing, 8 Million DRM-Free Tracks Added

In edition to the ability to download music on the iPhone 3G over the 3G network on AT&T, Apple also made several changes to the pricing and copy protection for the songs available. Today they announced that for the first time since the iTunes Music Store opened, pricing for songs would be divided into categories based on their age to determine their price.


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