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What Will Put the ā€œSā€ in the iPhone 5S?

The Japanese blog MacOtakara reported that Foxconn has allegedly started production of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5 successor. Although there won’t by any notable design changes, and there is little to no tooling needed to manufacture the two models on the same production lines, it wouldn’t be Apple

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Security Metal Scanners Need Updated, More Convenient Rules for Phones

Until this point, I had always thought that the iPhone would set off metal security scanners. Because of that, in the past for the few times I had to go through those annoying scanners that are useful .00001% of the time but important I would simply put my iPhone in

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Obama Fever: New App Lets You Rate Obama’s Policies, View Votes By Location

Tomorrow, U.S. President Elect Barak Obama is set to be sworn in as President, and a handful of iPhone apps are hoping to be part of your Obama experience. Change (US Politics) (not to be confused with the Change app) iPhone app from Appible, LLC, released last week, lets you vote on your disapproval or approval of his administration's policies on various issues (which you can change as your opinion changes), as well as view other people's votes on a 3D globe, view news for each issue from Yahoo News, and post comments on them to Twitter (adds the #changeapp hashtag to each post).


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