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Woz Wants a Wider iPhone 5, Do You? (+ Our Take) – iPA B

Having been part of the foundation of Apple (literally), Steve Wozniak remains an influential force. Nonetheless, we wonder if his words can still inspire Apple's future direction as he calls out for another, bigger iPhone model to join iPhone 5.


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WebPresenter Wirelessly Streams Your iPhone’s Browser Screen To A Computer

Lilliput Labs announced a neat little application yesterday called WebPresenter [App Store, Free] which lets you broadcast a website on your iPhone to any computer using VNC. It's made for iPhone web developers to show off their stuff on a big screen, but it's pretty cool to play with even if you aren't a developer.

It's free to try out as long as you don't mind the watermark, and I highly recommend giving it a go. I can't really see any uses for it, but it's just too darn cool to ignore. And for those tho actually want to use this for presentations, it's $14.99 to remove the watermark using in app purchase.

A screenshot of what it looks like follows below.


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