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Sears Advertises a $69 iPad 2

Would you like to buy an iPad 2 for $69? Hey, don’t be greedy, you cannot buy thirty and resell them. Actually, you cannot buy them at all for that price anymore. Keyword being “anymore.” That is because shoppers really did have such an implausible question proposed to them on

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Happy Birthday Apple, Be Wary Of April Fools Day Pranks

Today is April 1st, which means that it's April Fools Day. Readers should be aware that the potential for hoaxes and fabricated stories is quite high today. iPhone Alley will not participate in fabricating information today, so everything read here today can be regarded as true. April 1st is also the 33rd anniversary of Apple's founding on April 1, 1976 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Have some apple pie in honor of our favorite company today. We sure will.


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