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Tim Cook Shatters Hopes of Larger iPhone Screen

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: the next iPhone will have a larger screen.  We’ve heard that too, and we can now say it’s okay to forget about it. No less a man than Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has dashed the hopes of those seeking a bigger

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iPad mini vs iPad: Mini Packs More Screen for Its Much-Tinier Size

Even though iPad mini may come in a smaller package, it still packs a lot of screen real estate into its form factor with its 7.9" display compared to iPad's 9.7". In fact, the display-to-size ratio is significantly better on iPad mini. For the trade-off in dimensions, iPad mini provides a superior screen real estate that will not feel all that cramped for regular iPad users. Exactly how much of the display does iPad mini, with its absolutely immense reduction in size and weight, pack compared to iPad? Read on for the specifics.


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Google Sells Just 20,500 Nexus Ones In The First Week

Google is estimated to have sold 20,500 units of their new Nexus One Android handset in it's first week of availability. Those numbers aren't spectacular, given many had hoped it would compete with the iPhone and increase competition in the mobile industry. It's got a long way until it gets to the kind of numbers the 3GS brought in at it's first week.


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