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Is Jony Ive Responsible for Apple’s “Low Performance”?

Apple rumors are always juicy, but this latest one takes the cake. Apple is falling apart because Jony Ive and its design team have too much power, designing ultra-sleek products that are difficult to manufacture. This, according to a respected analyst.

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Apple Has Best Quarter Yet, No Plans to Slow Down – Our Breakdown of Apple’s Quarterly Report

It would be incredibly difficult to complain at Apple right now as the company closes its strongest quarter to date, although Wall Street does beg to differ. Despite reports to the contrary, iPad and iPhone sales have remained a powerful force in sales as they both ascend further with unmatched numbers. With Apple brining in another billion-dollar figure to its stockpile of cash, follow us after the break as we break down the sales that led Apple to such an industry-leading profit - and why the market finds itself disappointed.


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Wonderland of Game Holiday Sales: Our Picks

The gift giving and receiving does not have to end after a journey to your tree this morning since you can load your iDevices (perhaps one that you had gotten under that tree?) up with games that have been discounted to the point that it is almost as if they

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Can’t Find the Gift You Need? New App Tells You

With Black Friday a little less than a week away and the holiday shopping season about to swing into full gear, a new app is hoping to make the job of holiday shoppers a little bit easier this season., now available for the iOS is an app and service that

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App Store Hits New Milestones

Packed and with room to grow, the App Store continues to climb with the hopes and prospects of app developers that have not seized to fill it with almost every type of app imaginable – significantly more than any other app marketplace on any platform. With a figure other operating

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iPad Sales Continue Growing, Own Tablet Marketshare

It seems apparent just how big the iPad has become, but it’s the numbers that really paint the full story of just how much dominance and influence it has in the modern world. While the iPad has sold impressively in the past and has dominated a huge part of the

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New iPad Sells Over 3 Millions Units in Just Under 4 Days

Not only did this year's iteration of the iPad receive a large revamp including a stunning retina display, an improved 5 MP camera, HD 1080p video recording capacities, and more, but it also came accompanying, hand-in-hand a new sales record for Apple's expanding lineup of desirable tablets. Apple today announced the amount of units that they sold since the new iPad's launch, which was just last Friday - a whopping 3 million in total.


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Full List of Notable Black Friday App Store Game Sales

Developers storewide are offering significant discounts on some of the App Store’s best titles. So you do not miss out on any of these great deals, guest editor Andrew has compiled this lengthy list of games on sale. (I have highlighted the most notable deals in bold.) Disney¬†.99 iPhone Alice

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Apple Sales Starting to Roll Out Internationally

The Aussies have gotten their share of Apple’s considerable generosity already with the company’s Black Friday sales starting to show up on Australia’s Apple Store page.

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Happy Thanksgiving! How to Find App Sales and Freebies

First off, on behalf of iPhoneAlley, I’d like to wish you all a merry, happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving! Secondly, I’d like to let you all know of how you can go about finding sales made into reality kudos to today’s national holiday.

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