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Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia App Review

Minoraxis' Exitium: Savior of Vardonia is an action packed RPG (made free for a limited time) that will not disappoint you. Unlike many apps, this one would not be considered a basic replica in comparison to others of its breed. It offers a stunning four different story modes, which all include a different game styles and narratives. Believe it or not, this Korean RPG is a combination of a huge amount pros and a minuscule amount of cons which would make any action-loving person jump for joy.


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Review: ThinkGeek’s Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone

Some people just hate the iPhone’s touchscreen, period. Now, why they would even buy one, I don’t know but according to our poll from a few weeks ago, a small minority of our readers prefer an external keyboard over the virtual one currently on the iDevice. These same number of

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Catcha Prince App Review – A Pixel-y Mashup of TD and RPG

Drawmind have done an amazing job in executing their game, Catcha Prince. This relatively new, clever mashup of the tower defense and RPG genres doesn’t disappoint. Players will find themselves of a large, four story tower. You’re placed with the task of defending the tower by strategically placing three selected

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Chocolate Tycoon App Review – I’ll Have Some Milk Chocolate Along With a lb. of RPG, Please!

Com2uS is a well known developer especially for their wonderful hand in developing RPG games for the iDevice platform. They managed to turn my view around with Queen’s Crown so now RPGs are a favorite. In Chocolate Tycoon, one of their newest additions to their collection of games, you’ll take

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Inotia 3: Children of Carnia App Review

After playing Queen’s Crown from iPhone developers Com2uS, I got greatly interested in the widely enjoyed RPG genre. Recently, Com2uS released their third endeavor for their Inotia Series with the appearance of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia. I’ve played for a few days now, and have a feeling that Queen’s

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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave App Review – A Frantic Mix of the Tower Defense and RPG Genres

Making the best game in all aspects considered before being bought is essential of developers. You’ll rarely ever see a really sloppy game up at the top, right? There always has to be some sort of “zing” for the game to be a successful one. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave has

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Illusia App Review – An RPG That Tests Your Skill, But Also Your Patience

The RPG genre on the app store has been seeing a huge growth in the past few month, but past few weeks mainly. Many of the large developers have been releasing their titles, and it seems that games are being spit out day after day. This gives even more reason

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Queen’s Crown App Review – Slash, Slam, Shoot or Jab In This Fun-Filled RPG!

Com2uS has been the developers of several RPG titles for the iDevice with the Inotia series and more recently The World of Magic. I never got to try these titles because before last week I wasn’t a fan of the genre at all. It was just too complicated for me.

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Fastar! The Simplistic RPG Goes Free for a Limited Time Only!

I love the Free App A Day service. Like seriously, am in love with it. They offer the greatest games for free and today’s (well tomorrow’s but it’s already showing up free) is Fastar! I loved the game in my review, and now you can pick it up for free

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Fastar! App Review – Fight Angry Squares: The Action RPG

The games on the app store that contain that particular feeling of simplicity are the ones that demand the most attention from me. Simple pickup and play games that can be played anywhere: at home while bored, in a line, on the elevator, and so on. That’s why Fastar! [App

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