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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Headed to the App Store

Earlier this year, specifically the final days marking the end of October, Rockstar Games announced that it would be porting yet another iteration of its widely popular Grand Theft Auto series to the iPhone and iPad. In celebration of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's tenth anniversary, Rockstar Games has reported that it will be releasing an iOS-version of the title on December 6th.


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Full List of Holiday App Store Game Sales/Discounts

About right now, your wallet is either much lighter or much heavier. Well, it depends on whether you were on the receiving side of the gifts or the more warm-hearted giving side. Either way, you can probably spare a little extra on a new app or two. With all those

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ARM Announces New Processors for Late 2009, Offers Hints of Apple Offerings to Come

Processor manufacturer ARM announced its new dual core Cortex-A9 processors capable of breaking the 2GHz barrier and perhaps casting light on future Apple products. Per AppleInsider, the Cortex-A9 MPCore "hard macro implementations" will enable chip makers to create even higher-performance devices from the low-power chips in "high density and thermally constrained environments" that the processors are usually found in, like the iPhone and iPod touch. In addition, the new design consumes less than 250mW per CPU while at peak performance.


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