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Beautiful White ‘iPhone 5′ 3D Renderings

Last week, mockups of the supposed black iPhone 5 based on then-recently-leaked components were posted on the Internet receiving praise for their wonderful depiction of the handset. It turns out that the white counterpart to the rendered device similarly has the potential to win over the web thanks to its beauty - check out some mockups down below.


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TapFactory Announces TweetVid, Video Tweeting App

TapFactory today announced that its dedicated video tweeting app, TweetVid [App Store, $0.99], is available for sale on the App Store. The app allows iPhone 3GS owners to record and upload videos to Twitter using a simple, easy to use interface. TweetVid exclusively uses TwitVid to host your videos, so it may not be right for folks who like other services. Otherwise it's really shiny, costs $0.99, and comes from an awesome developer, so we totally recommend it to people who want this type of app.

The only thing I don't understand is why, if you already have a Twitter app, you'd need a separate app just for recording video. Anyone wanna explain that? Thanks.


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