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Not Even the Verizon CEO Knows Anything About the Next iPhone

Apparently even less people know about iPhone 5 (or whatever you want to call iPhone 4′s successor) than most would assume – it is basically on a strict need-to-know basis, as in exclusively necessary people know about what is required for their job in the device’s creation. Does Verizon CEO

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iPad 3 Details Indicate That It May Launch This Year

BizJournals may have a source with solid information on the iPad 3. However for whatever reason, hours afterward the article containing details about the next, highly-anticipated iPad was pulled from BizJournals. That leaves us to pulling apart a recap of BizJournals’ information from TekGoblin. According to the original report, the

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Verizon Follows AT&T in Taking iPhone 4 Out of the Limelight Ahead of WWDC

If iPhone 4S/5 is going to be introduced tomorrow at WWDC, it would be a safe bet to say that the two U.S. carriers that are practically guaranteed to sell it would know in advance. So if the new, popular iPhone 4 is taken out of the limelight on both

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AT&T Hints at iPhone 4S/5 Announcement on Monday

It seems like no coincidence that AT&T has been removing iPhone 4 from prime positions in its Wireless online store, trying to keep it away from a customer’s view, as early as days (though now we’re approaching hours) before WWDC. In past years, new iterations of the iPhone have been

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Verizon: One Next-Gen iPhone Will Support Both AT&T and Verizon

During the Reuters Global Technology Summit, Fran Shammo, Chief Financial Officer of Verizon,┬ámentioned how the next iPhone will include simultaneous support for CDMA and GSM networks. This would allow AT&T and Verizon to sell the same iPhone models, thus there would be no delays between the carriers’ availability. He goes

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Next iPhone May Be “iPhone 4S,” Support All Major Carriers

Well, maybe it is time to stop assuming that iPhone 4′s successor will be called iPhone 5. After all, Apple has never stuck with simply incremental numbers. According to Forbes, it “should be” called iPhone 4S. When the iPhone 3GS came around, the “S” stood for speed, so that is

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U.S. to Officially Be Ablaze (Or Not…) By the White iPhone 4 on April 28

The white iPhone 4 officially has a release date! (Oh, that exclamation point isn’t there for the release, it’s there because there won’t be any more delays or rumors about a new color of the same iPhone that we’ve had for ten months.) In a press release today, Apple announced

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White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Worldwide (Tomorrow?)

After a string of endless rumors, all signs are pointing to the launch of a white iPhone 4 worldwide. Yup, for real this time. An April 27 release is expected in the Netherlands. 9 to 5 Mac‘s image of Best Buy’s inventory indicates that the U.S. will be joining our

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New iPhone and iPad Releases Both Delayed?

There have been rumors going around that both the fifth-generation iPhone and the second-generation iPad will see releases pushed past their usual launch window. Both rumored delays to the expected release dates of the devices are assumedly the cause of Apple’s increasingly more demanding manufacturing and desire for a massive

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Apple Black Friday Sale Leaked; iPod Touch Sale, But No iPhone

Apple's plans for a storewide sale on Black Friday appears to have been leaked in the form of an official company graphic possibly for use in one of their news letters. Unfortunately, it doesn't show any discounts on the iPhone, but does show discounts on everything else except the Shuffle, including the iPod touch.


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