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Wonderland of Game Holiday Sales: Our Picks

The gift giving and receiving does not have to end after a journey to your tree this morning since you can load your iDevices (perhaps one that you had gotten under that tree?) up with games that have been discounted to the point that it is almost as if they

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Study: iPhone Losing Market Share While Android Gains

If Apple needed a reason to pursue HTC on legal grounds, it could be as simple as market share. Per Computerworld, a study by Quantcast, a web analytics firm, has shown the Android as showing spectacular growth in the past few quarters.

While iPhone is clearly the market leader in Web consumption with over four times the share as Android, its nearest competitor, recent trends show that they aren't standing on firm ground.

In the last month the iPhone has lost 3.2% of its marketshare compared with RIM and Android both gaining considerably. The trend seems to be ongoing as Google's phone market has grown 44% over the past quarter and almost doubled over the past year while the iPhone has lost around 5% and 10% of the overall market over those same periods.


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