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Wait Is Over: ‘Doodle Jump’ Multiplayer Update Available Today

Updated. I posted about a new Doodle Jump update in the testing stages back in October of last year. The title? Doodle Jump Multiplayer Update Coming Out Real Soon! Well, I was a little wrong with the real soon part because only today did Lima Sky, developers of the widely

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Reckless Racing App Review – Drive, Drift, and Have A Good Time! UPDATE: $0.99 Sale!

EA has released a few racing titles for the iDevice, both being a part of the NFS series. (NFS Shift and Underground) We had yet to see a quality top-down racer that was better than LilRacerZ by a whole lot. And that’s when I found out about Reckless Racing which

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Prices For Norway, Mexico Announced, NetCom Says No MMS On iPhone 3G

Official iPhone 3G carriers for Norway and Mexico have announced their iPhone 3G prices and plans. Mexican company Telcel will be offering the iPhone 3G for prices between MXN $3,199 down to free, and between MXN $4,459 and $1,259.MXN for the 16GB. Plans range between $399.60 and $876.90. Notably, at the cheapest plan price, both devices sell for $100 more than they will in the US.


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