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Tips: iPhone Battery Draining Too Fast?

Let’s face it people: whether it be excessive sunlight exposure, too much use, or what, after a while your iPhone battery does start to drain much faster. Below are a few tips to maximize your iPhone’s battery life and keep it from draining as fast as it normally would. 1.

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Rinspeed To Unveil Electric iPhone-Controlled Concept Car

Swiss design company Rinspeed is said to be unveiling a new electric concept car at next week's Geneva Motor Show that is controlled in part by the driver's iPhone. Instead of using keys to start the ignition, the car, called the iChange, uses the driver's iPhone. in one of the built-in iPhone holders on the left and right of the wheel. When locked in place in one of the holders on either side of the wheel, a green "Start" button will light up on the iPhone's screen that starts the car when pressed. When driving, the iPhone also controls a number of other things like the headlights.


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