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Apple’s New $929 iPad: 128GB of Storage on Offer

For those on the brink of filling up their iPad with too many episodes of CSI and 1GB games such as N.O.V.A comes relief from Apple: a new iPad with eight times the default storage capacity that comes in the base 16GB model. It is the new iPad for professionals and overzealous

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iPad Users Cite Wi-Fi, Power Charging Difficulties with New Tablets

Following Apple's launch of the iPad on Saturday, a number of users have complained of difficulties with their new tablets. Two of the highest-profile complaints in the early days have been weak Wi-Fi signals and confusion over USB charging of the device.

Per MacRumors, users have posted in the Apple Discussion Board about reduced Wi-Fi signals, the iPad receiving a significantly lower signal than computers or iPhones held in the same location relative to the access point. The reduced signal is resulting in slower performance and smaller range for many of these users. Users have also reported seeing significant fluctuations in signal.


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