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Apple Forces Developers to Use More User-Friendly Advertising Identifiers

Apple’s App Review team has started rejecting apps using a technology called “cookie tracking” or “Safari flip-flop,” Techcrunch’s sources report. Cookie tracking is an alternative method mobile app developers are using to collect information about the device’s owner and paint a complete picture of an individual in terms of preferences,

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A Bad Google? UK iPhone Users Sue Search Giant

We’ll bet Google doesn’t like this search result: it’s being sued by disgruntled iPhone users in the United Kingdom. This, after it emerged that the search engine giant allegedly illegally tracked users’ Safari habits in both the United States and the U.K.

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Oh Snap! Poke and Snapchat Aren’t Private?

For those who like sending photos and videos under controlled circumstances, Snapchat and Poke seemed like the perfect solution. With these apps, one could send a photo or video to someone and program it to automatically “self destruct” in a matter of seconds. It seemed like a wonderful, safe idea. Wonderful,

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New Potato Releases Home Automation Dongle for iPhone

On Thursday, New Potato Technologies introduced the FLPR, a dongle that allows the iPhone and iPod touch to function as a universal remote control capable of controlling devices such as televisions, cable and satellite boxes, stereo systems, lights, ceiling fans and almost anything that requires an infrared remote control.

The device, which connects to the dock connector, functions with the free FLPR app from the App Store. Once the app is launched, users can choose the device “type,” select “brand,” “name it” and “use it.” It’s that easy. FLPR comes pre?programmed with over 14,000 remote control codes, including all major electronics brands.


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