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Cheapest Deal Yet Alert: iPhone 5 for $127 (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint)

In the bewildering position of deciding whether to renew your contract for an iPhone 5? If you are set on upgrading now, we have the best deal yet for those willing to sign a new two-year contract (which is required at any subsidized price). Join us after the break for

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FCC Releases Broadband Test App for iPhone, iPod Touch

Everyone's got an iPhone app, even the Federal Communications Commission. Per Switched, the FCC has created its own FCC Broadband Test app [App Store, Free], which is designed to probe network latencies and download speeds on your home connection or mobile device.

The app, when finished, will furnish the FCC will useful data to show the discrepancy between advertised and real world broadband speeds, and will also serve as a way for users to directly compare network performance in particular areas.


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