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Nintendo Already Dropping 3DS Price by $80, We Explain Why

After launching in the United States on March 25 of this year to a limited selection of games and a lukewarm response, Nintendo is dropping the price of its 3DS, the company’s newest handheld gaming device, by $80. That brings its original price of $250 to a very reasonable $170.

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AT&T’s $50 iPhone 3GS Outselling Newer Android Phones

After almost two years on AT&T, the carrier recently dropped the iPhone 3GS’s price further from $200 to $100 to its current price of $50. Despite its age, the iPhone 4′s predecessor is still selling at a steady pace thanks to its new price. While buyers are not getting the

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Etre Touchy Gloves Let You Touch Your iPhone’s Screen During Colder Months

As cold weather approaches in some parts of the world, we are reminded once again of the endless frustration of how useless our gloves are on the iPhone's capitative touch screen. You could go the stylus route, but if a stylus isn't what you're looking for, you might consider a set of technology-friendly gloves like the new Etre Touchy gloves.


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