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Google Slowly Rolling Out ‘Instant Previews’ for Devices

A 9to5mac reader noticed a new feature on their device’s safari which just could save you some time and keep you from cursing every time you navigate to an unwanted webpage. Google relatively recently added a new feature to their engine that allows you to preview pages that pop up

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iPhone Basics: Jump To The Top of A List or Page

Since iPhone 1.0, tapping the "Status Bar" in Safari would scroll you instantly to the top of a web page. With the iPhone 2.0 update (available for the original iPhone and pre-installed on the iPhone 3G), Apple's added the same functionality system-wide. Tapping the status bar (the topmost bar where the clock resides) in nearly every application will now scroll you immediately to the top of a list or page. This is especially handy for scrolling through contacts, songs, or anything else with a particularly long list of information.


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