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Apple Sells Record Number of iPhone and iPad Devices

Apple’s third fiscal 2011 quarter was full of company records – and since we are talking about one of the world’s biggest companies, that means significant margins. Not only are iPhone sales up 142% from last year, but iPad sales are also up 183% even as Apple is still scrambling

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U.S. to Officially Be Ablaze (Or Not…) By the White iPhone 4 on April 28

The white iPhone 4 officially has a release date! (Oh, that exclamation point isn’t there for the release, it’s there because there won’t be any more delays or rumors about a new color of the same iPhone that we’ve had for ten months.) In a press release today, Apple announced

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Apple Seeks Faulty Hardware Lawsuit Dismissal

Apple is filing a motion to dismiss the lawsuit from back in August that accused the company of selling defective iPhone 3Gs. The suit was filed by Alabama resident Jessica Smith when her new iPhone 3G was only able to connect to AT&T's 3G network 25% of the time and experienced excessive dropped calls.


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