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Poll: Which iPhone 5 Model Are You Getting?

After what was seemingly a plethora of brutal, painful months of anticipation, the much awaited iPhone 5 was finally announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company's press conference yesterday. With a taller 4-inch display sporting a slightly higher resolution, support for 4G LTE networks, an improved A6 processor and more, the predecessor to last year's iPhone 4S is certainly a significant addition to Apple's expanding lineup of iPhone devices. What we want to know from our readers is whether the new features warrant a purchase.


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Apple Sells Out of Launch Day iPad Units

With the announcement of the new iPad, Apple undoubtedly lengthened the already existent gap between its highly successful tablet and other competition due to the amount of substantial improvements that were announced. A retina display with pixels packed to the brim, a faster quad-core A5 processing chip, a new camera and more amounted to a huge day when the device was announced, evident by the now depleted supplies allotted to Apple's online store for preorder.


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Apple Stores Set to Open Early for the Launch of the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S was available for preorder starting on October 7th, but the preorder stock recently ran out leaving October 14th, the official launch date for the phone, the only opportunity for potential early adopters to get their hands on the new phone. Due to large demand, Apple Stores will

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For Those Who Are Interested, The Story of My Sleepless Night

Thinking that the iPhone 4S would sell out within a matter of mere minutes, I got everything that could be setup, setup and ready with my Apple account. I woke up at 2:50 AM (EST) this morning and made refresh on Apple’s Store page my best friend. At the promised

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TenOneDesign Launching Little Brother to iPad Joystick, Fling Mini

It’s been greatly hyped about, TenOneDesign’s Fling Joystick for its innovative design allowing for sweet, simple joystick gameplay. Previously only available for the iPad, the joystick was an alternative way to play RPGs, dual-stick shooters, and other games with on-screen joysticks, for those iPad owners who weren’t comfortable with virtual

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Loan Shark

Loan shark is a gorgeous loan calculation app with quite a few tricks up its sleeve. From the loan calculator, you can calculate cash, credit, house and car loans. Each category comes with special fields for the various loan types.


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