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$9,000,000 in Damages, Several Almost Die, 21 Homeless in App Marketing Stunt Reportedly Gone Wrong

All for the promotion of a game that the developer claims had gone terribly amiss, the company behind a foolish marketing stunt claims that $9,000,000 was caused in damages and 21 have become homeless as a result of the company's total disregard in devising a ludicrous public spectacle. Several people had even come close to death as result of a poorly-planned wrecking ball demolition... or not.


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Apple Purchase Of Quattro Mobile Ad Firm Confirmed

Quattro Wireless confirmed today that they have been acquired by Apple Inc. A report yesterday said that a deal was struck for $275 million for the mobile advertising firm. We knew based on prior reports that Apple had been looking in to purchasing AdMob before they were snatched up by Google, so they had been looking to purchase a mobile ad firm. Quattro is likely their second choice.


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