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Condition One App – Be Surrounded by Virtual Reality Video

Have you ever wanted to be able to pan around a movie scene, changing your perspective and vision to look around you at your surroundings for a fuller sense of immersion? Condition ONE is looking to make that future a possibility, starting with their iPad app. The visual landscape found

Be the first to comment - What do you think? Launches Official iPhone App, Favit today launched Favit [App Store, $2.99], their official tweet discovery app for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app's purpose is simpleā€“to show you the most entertaining tweets on Twitter. Tweets are shown one at a time to let you focus on them individually. To load another, you simply swipe right to left. If you like a tweet, you're encouraged to "fave" it by tapping the giant star. People who show up on Favstar like stars, so you should give them often.

Tweets come in via Favstar and are selected using lots of really smart algorithm thingies. Or robots. Robots with a good sense of humor. The Favstar robits are also smart enough to only show you tweets that you haven't starred yet so you don't run into repeats.


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