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Plunderland App Review – Loot, Plunder, and Upgrade

Considering the amount of games that there are on the app store at the moment, it’s perplexing that I have never once, in my two years of being a gamer played a game that involves pirates and an epic story of plundering. The other day, I started playing Plunderland by

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What Do You Want From iPhone Alley?

It's been a while since we've asked for a mass response, so why not? We recently changed lots of stuff under the hood at iPA. We have a new look and a whole bunch of new tools at our disposal to make a killer site for all you fanboys. So here's the question: what do you guys want? This is your site, it always has been. We want to make the ultimate iPhone resource for everyone, we just need some guidance. From outlandish to reasonable, tell us your requests in the comments below. Brainstorms are welcome.


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