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Breaking: iPhone 5 Design Officially Revealed

Apple accidentally let iPhone 5 out of the bag a little too early. Or in this case, was not careful enough with the early release of Photo Stream. Instructions for Photo Stream include an icon of an iPhone. However, the icon does not depict any model that has been released.

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iCloud, Apple’s Seamless Syncing/Backup Service

After Apple unveiled the newest versions of Mac OS X and iOS, the WWDC 2011 keynote was ended with the veil of secrecy being pulled off of the heavily-rumored iCloud cloud service that manages a limited amount of backup options and syncs data between your Apple devices. It goes deeper

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Byline is an RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader. The UI is extremely beautiful and intuitive. Folders and notes are fully supported and it caches teasers, images, and even entire web pages.


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