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Basic Tutorial: Playing Personal Music in Any Application

Without the multitasking feature available thanks to the [almost outdated] iOS 4, the above title wouldn’t be as easy to make happen. Currently, many applications will stop your music that’s playing in the background due to their SFX and BGM starting to play when the app is opened; I’ll let

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Device Home Sharing: What You Need to Know

Amongst the few other noticeable additions. which made their debuts on the iDevice with Apple’s iOS 4.3 release 5 days ago, was home sharing. What this did, since the this feature was already existent from computer to computer, was enable you to use your iPod or iPhone to access your

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Alton Brown Discusses His iPhone During Filming Of ‘Feasting On Waves’

Some of you might know Food Network's Alton Brown as the food geek on his shows like Good Eats, but did you know he's also technology-savy as well? Food Network kicks off his latest series, Feasting on Waves, tomorrow night, and he sat down with Gizmodo to talk about some of the gadgets that helped him get by, among which is the iPhone.


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