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Dead Spaceā„¢ App Review – Possibly the Best!

Dead Space ™ was recently released into the app store and since then hasn’t had a break from the media with all of the “oohs” and the “aahs” that it’s been receiving; including from me. It seems no one expected such a chilling, quality third-person shooter to breeze the app

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Terrorist Zombies App Review – A Fun Game With Everything But Polish

The FPS genre has seen many war games. But it’s never seen a game with the amount of uniqueness that Appular’s newest title in collaboration with Champion Software, Terrorist Zombies runs on. You’ve played a game that has zombies in it. I assure you. Not literally, but every game on

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Jimmy-Rig Your Own iPhone 3G Dock

Docks for the iPhone 3G were not available in the boxes as the original iPhones were packages, and it's been a slight hassle for those of us accustomed to using a dock. The old docks don't fit with the new iPhones, and there were no adapters available. Someone in the HardMac forums has an answer, though.


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